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A.I - SRS Tilt Disks (Coming soon)

In development

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Due to the piston catch only holding at the bottom of the piston, when cocked and ready to fire the piston is slightly tilted in the cylinder, this means that the drag on the piston head is focused on the bottom surfaced slightly more than the other surfaces. Not only does this increase resistance when the rifle is fired, but also when the bolt is being pushed forward after cocking.

It is a somewhat subtle effect, but it's a small effect that is easily resolved, the severity of this effect varies depending on your setup and springs power due to the ammount of pressure being exurted on the piston. 



A small disk inserted behind the spring guide, with a slight angle meaning that the angle of the spring guide is ever so slightly canted to compensate for the above effect. With multiple different inserts to fine tune with a perfect fit for your specific setup. Giving you that silky smooth bolt pull and reset push.