I’m a guy you'll see down at my local airsoft field most weekends, either playing or marshalling. Armed with nothing but a few bright ideas, a 3D printer and a Dremel, I decided that I'd try my hand at sharing my ideas with you guys, and poof... Airsoft.Industries was born. 

As a 10-year veteran airsofter, designing and making products at home, the ideas for the products comes from actual use of the systems and how I think things can be improved. Therefore, all of the products I make are things that I actually use. I primarily run a silverback SRS with an MK23 so I'm one of those ghillie dickheads you love so much. 

Check out my personal airsoft Instagram @hot_bovril_airsoft.

With a somewhat OCD tenancy and keen eye for detail, the designs I have made are focused on improving;

  • Performance
  • Noise
  • Ease and usability

As most of the products are currently made at home, stock will be somewhat volatile, with small batches being made and released frequently.

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated, so please get in touch!