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A.I - SRS Power Up Rings

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Power up rings used to increase the spring tension and increase the joule output. For use with the stock spring guide and others with the same dimensions such as the vrag. Others such as the wasp and edgi may have different dimensions please measure first to ensure fitment. 
To be installed on the spring guide between the base and the spring, as shown in the images. 

Set includes 4 incremental sized rings of 1mm, 2mm, 4mm and 8mm, meaning  fine adjustment is possible with any size up to 15mm using different stack combinations, allowing small increases to customise your setup as close to the field limit as possible.

Parts are machined in house from high grade aluminium, so they are light and durable.

Designed to fit stock Silverback pistons and others using the same dimensions like the vrag. (note: some are different such as the wasp setup) 

9.5mm ID, 12.5mm OD

Example of approximate power increase tested on my SRS
(Disclaimer: Your setup may have very different results based on piston weight, BB weight,barrel length and many other factors, so please take the below values as a very rough guide only)
No rings:  2.0j
4mm:        2.1j
8mm:        2.25j
15mm:      2.4j 

Depending on spring length, adding too many rings may cause your sear not to engage, in which case, a more powerful spring and fewer rings would be required. 

For other piston guides please measure to ensure fitment. Custom sizes available on request, feel free to get in touch.