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AI - Tree Suppressor (Standalone)

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Looking for thst final touch to your ghillie or leafsuit? 

Well look no further, 

Using real tree texture we have created a supressor which adds natural looking lines and depth while also providing maximum suppression. Without the worry of your ghillie wrap moving infront of your scope or over the end of your barrel and much more effective than camo tape. 


The standalone suppressor is a ready to go out the box unit including:

- 3D printed wood texture suppressor, available in a multitude of lengths and thicknesses. 

- Metal threading for mounting to the RIF (available in all common threads) meaning a solid connection to ensure it's mounted securely and remains true. Machined in house. 

- Carbon fiber tube at its core, greatly increasing its strength. 

- Laser cut Baffles included (can be removed at request if required for legal reasons)

- Metal insert in end cap to protect against damage from bb baffle strikes.

- Comes without any additional camouflage applies, but includes a small pack of moss for you to add a personal touch. Can be painted and other materials such as leaves or fabric can be attached or glued to the outside with ease so can be matched to your camo style.



Also available as a slip on cover for the stock TM MK23 Supressor 

All parts designed and made by us at Airsoft.Industries