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A.I - SRS Receiver Protector (For removed bolt nub)

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Looking for a smoother bolt pull on your SRS?

You'll have most likely seen discussions on the pros and cons of removing the small guide nub on your cylinder head, the benefits of doing so being that there is one less point of resistance when pulling the bolt.

But the main issue with doing this is that you no longer have the nub to prevent you from grinding the bolt along the top of your receiver, meaning that if you don't practice and have perfect form every time you'll slowly deform your receiver, and no-one wants that.

Well fear not, with this sacrificial insert that hooks over and is secured under the stock cheek rest, instead of grinding the receiver, the bolt handle instead rubs against the insert, preventing damage. 

It is very hard wearing and as it is not metal it won't grind. Allowing fast cocking without worrying about damage.


To install: 

- Remove SRS Cheek rest
- Slide the protector at a 45 degree angle over the receiver, with the Airsoft Industries logo facing the bolt. 
- Secure the Cheek rest back into place

 Fits all generations of the SRS, A1, A2 and A2/M2

Also available in a mirrored version to fit left handed versions of the SRS

Designed and Manufactured by us at Airsoft.Industries