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A.I - Silverback SRS Replacement Carbon Barrel Extension End Cap

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Replacement for the end cap used on the Silverback SRS Carbon Barrel Extension kits. 

The original is infamous for being easy to lose, so I have designed a replacement with a tighter fitment. Using either an O-Ring to create a tight push fit or the two screw mounting points to secure it in place. (Screw mounting requires modification to the carbon tube, this is optional, but is a much more secure method) 

Cap also includes a metal washer on the underside to prevent damage in the case of baffle strikes from bb impacts. 

Kit Includes: 

  • End Cap
  • Drilling Guide
  • 2x M3x8 Grub Screws
  • Multiple O-rings of various thickness
  • (Optional) 3mm Drill Bit

If you chose to secure via screws, you will need to drill two holes in the end of your carbon tube, a plastic drill guide and screws are included in the package to make positioning the holes easy. You will just need a drill and M3 (3mm) drill bit to make the modification.
(Instructions included in the package)

As carbon fiber is very brittle, your tube will need to be in good condition in order to cleanly and securely drill holes, drilling should be done with the lightest of pressure and high RPM on the drill, otherwise splintering on the inside of the tube is almost guaranteed. 

As we cannot be held accountable for damage to your tube, if you are unsure, then we would highly recommend using the push fitting and O-ring configuration instead.