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A.I - SRS to M4 Mag Adapter

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A mag adapter, on an SRS? Herasy I know... But here it is. 

An SRS version of the covert mag adapter, containing the same features as the original Mk23 version. 

The design allows for an incredibly low profile alternative to a downward facing adapter meaning less intrusion to your play, and doesn't stop you laying prone, while still having the capacity of a m4 mag. When using an epm1-s that's the equivalent of over 5 srs mags! 

The adapter has been tested and feeds well, even with 0.48g bbs

For an in-depth description of the covert mag adapter series click here!

Standard version is also suitable for left handed SRS rifles/users.



  • Adapter unit, fully assembled;
  • Accessories pack with fittings for other M4 mags to allow for slightly different mag catch placement and nozzle depths. 

Rifle and M4 mag NOT included.

A 12-month warranty is provided for manufacturing defects, and replacement parts will be provided should any issues arise. The adapter is very robust, however damage such as deformation of the spring tube due to overextension or being skewed falls outside of the warranty. (To note, the tube is more robust than a standard box mag tube and I have not had any issues with damage during the 6 months+ testing on the Mk23 version) 

Replacement parts are available on request, so please get in touch with any issues and I will do my best to assist no matter the cause.

As stated, EMP1-s magazines are suggested for use with the adapter as well as adequate magazine care to ensure the EMPs maintain their spring strength and remain free of dirt and debris, otherwise this can impede feeding. PTS EMP1-s mags sold separately.